Best Nano Reef Tank – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Finding a nano reef tank might take a lot of effort and time with the many different brands available on the market. However, if you know what you are looking for in this type of fish tank, it will be a little bit easier.

This is why we put the task on our shoulders to make a list of some of the best of them. This review will help you find the perspective of what to look for and not waste your time in the online jungle.

Read on if you want to know which nano reef tank will be the best one for you and provide you the most fun.

Best Nano Reef Tank Reviews

The Flex Aquarium Kit From Fluval

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If you are looking for a nano reef tank that displays well even if there are fish in it, this is a nice option. It comes with many features included to make your home aquarium much more fun and easy to use for a variety of fish.


The unique curved front panel of the tank provides it with a nice modern display style that will fit into many different environments. To add to that, the honeycomb grid pattern around the top part improves the overall aesthetics with a nice seamless expression.

With a large space at the back of the tank, you can add a lot of extras in the form of foam or biomax media. This will help keep the water in your tank fresh for much longer and keep your fish healthy.

You can also have a lot of fun with the lighting added to the tank with special effects that are controlled with the included remote. The lighting will also promote plant growth inside the tank to add some diversity and a healthy environment for your fish.

With the lightweight canopy included with this nano reef tank, it will be easy to feed your fish and clean the tank. It is also equipped with a nice opening at the top for quick and easy fish-feeding options.

The dark background of the tank does not display well and may cause your fish not to display nicely, if you have darker fish. This can be fixed by adding a colorful 3D background display but it will take away space that can be used for media.

Even though it says that this nano reef tank has a capacity of 15 gallons, you only have around 10 gallons of display space. That is because a large portion of the volume is occupied by the filter section located in the back area of the tank.

Regardless of that, the nano reef fish tank from Fluval will be a nice addition to your home or office.


  • It has a nice seamless display
  • Enough space available for extras
  • Beautiful lighting with many different colors
  • You get free media included with the tank


  • The black background does not display well
  • Comes with a small display area

The MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit

51Jpbo2bI1L. SL500

This beautifully designed fish tank will be a pleasure to have anywhere, whether it is your living space or where you earn your income. If the 3-gallon model is too small for you, there is always the 5-gallon tank you can use with more fish.


The rounded corner design of this home aquarium gives you a very nice display option that will enhance the environment. The three-sided glass panels provide a nice open view of the fish inside the tank which is enhanced by the lighting included. 

MarineLand’s mini fish tank also comes equipped with a glass lid on top so you can have even more viewing options. The glass canopy is easily accessible so you can feed your fish without any obstacles while you enjoy the view.

With an overall durable construction, it has a durable look and feel while it will give you many years of fun with your fish. The filtration system is hidden out of sight so it will not obstruct your view and will provide a clean and healthy environment.

Everything you need to start your home or office aquarium is included with this kit to make it easy to set it up. It also comes with an advanced filtration system so your fish can have a nice, clean, and healthy environment to live in.

This tank might be great for those who want a tank with a small footprint to use in a small area. However, the total capacity of only 3 gallons will limit you to only a small number of fish you can keep in it.

Another not-so-great thing is that the filter area is made from plastic which might not last as long as the tank itself. This will also hinder you from adding a heater to the tank because the plastic may melt in the heat.

You will enjoy the tranquility of this aquarium on your desktop while working to give you peace and quiet while adding a fun factor.


  • Attractive design and display
  • Very durable construction
  • Includes a see-through lid on top for multi-directional viewing
  • This tank provides a healthy aquatic environment


  • It has a very small maximum capacity
  • Filtration area made of plastic

The Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium From Aqueon

41zSsScOwuS. SL500

With all the extra features included with this nano reef tank, you will have a lot of fun with your saltwater or freshwater fish. The overall design makes this home mini aquarium ideal for use in small spaces with the very small footprint the tank has.


To keep your fish happy all the time you have a nice lighting setup included with this mini aquarium from Aqueon. It provides you with a bright white LED option for the day and a blue glow for nighttime.

The programmable timer included inside the canopy can be programmed to provide a variety of colorful lighting displays for up to 24 hours. This is convenient because you can set it in advance and just enjoy the view without spending too much time on it.

The backside of this tank provides you with ample space where you can add a variety of different types of filtration. This includes the option for mechanical, chemical, and biofiltration for a healthy and clean environment for your fish all day long.

Also included in the back wall of the tank, you will find a strong submersible pump with dual intake and easily adjustable return nozzles. With everything out of the way and hidden in the back you have a nice open viewing option.

While it comes to great features and extras included, you need to be aware that it will cost you quite a bit. The high price tag attached to this aquarium will put it out of reach of those people who work on a tight budget.

Even though you have many extras included with this aquarium kit you do not get biofiltration included and it will need to be bought separately. This will just add to the financial burden and some people might avoid buying, preventing them from enjoying the innovative extras added.

If you can afford the high price attached to this aquarium kit it will give you many hours of fun.


  • Comes with a programmable timer included
  • Easily accessible space for biofilters
  • It comes with a large viewing area
  • The filter operates at low noise output


  • No filters are included with this tank
  • It comes with quite a price tag attached

The BiOrb Tube 35 Aquarium

51UukQveYjL. SL500

With a cylinder shape, this fish tank will provide you with a great aesthetic opportunity to fit in many different environments for display purposes. This tank does not only look nice; it is also a functional place for your aquarium fish to live in.


You can easily convert this home aquarium into a saltwater fish tank by using the kit that is specially designed to do that. This will give you a variety of options and you can have both environments if you are adding another tank in your home.

The 9-gallon viewing capacity you get with this tank makes it a versatile tank to add a greater variety of fish. With more fish in the tank, the fun factor will rise and you may experiment with different types of aquarium fish.

With the true five-stage filtration system included you will have a much cleaner and healthier environment for your aqua life. This includes a water-stabilization option and an air ventilation system, together with standard bio, mechanical, and chemical filtration systems for clear water.

The whole tank is made from an acrylic material that provides you with up to double the clarity you would get with glass. It is also lightweight and stronger than glass so it will last even longer and will not easily break when accidentally bumped.

You will find that the marks that are visible on this tank might be not so nice for some people who want perfection. This will also take away some of the viewing pleasure as it catches your eye to make the tank look a bit cheap.

There is also the very loud pump that is included with this mini aquarium from BiOrb that may distract you when working. It is also not a good idea to put this fish tank on display close to where you sleep.

The unique design of this aquarium makes it a good choice for many different display options and will fit in many environments.


  • Made from clear but durable materials
  • A dynamic five-stage filtration system included
  • Gives you 360 degrees of viewpoint
  • Easy to assemble when you receive it


  • Unsightly production marks visible on the tank
  • The pump in this aquarium is a bit loud

The Fish Aquarium Starter Kit From Hygger

51QwDfetG6L. SL500

With its unique and beautiful design, this is a fish tank that will give you a great deal of fun by just looking at it. A great thing about the tanks from Hygger is that there is a larger model available if you want to go bigger.


This is an ideal setup for those who want to create nice underwater scenery with plants. It will also be able to hold your fish safely and add a nice display to the room you might put it in.

For beginners, this is a nice way to start your home aquarium as everything you need is included in this fish tank kit. It is also a great idea to use for younger kids so they can be exposed to real fish and their natural environment.

It is also made with a sturdy construction to help the tank last for a long time and give you many hours of pleasure. Equipped with an extra glass cover, it will prevent fish from jumping out and it will also keep bugs out.

The load-bearing bottom of this nano tank will help it to stay secured on the surface and keep it stable. The handy light at the top can be folded out of the way for quick and easy access to the tank.

This nano reef tank is not really ideal for those fish types who need a quiet environment to be happy in. The fish types that may struggle with the strong stream of the pump include Betta fish, making them hide most of the time.

With the unclear manual that is included with this kit, you might find it a bit difficult to assemble this tank. Those people with little experience with setting up tanks may find this a problem so they might opt for a different one.

You will enjoy this tank quite a lot with the great features included and the larger viewing options you have with it.


  • Can be used for fish and plants
  • It is a complete kit to begin your aquarium
  • Nice sturdy design and construction
  • A stable bottom included


  • Not suitable for all types of aquarium fish
  • It is not easy to assemble this fish tank


We chose the Fluval Flex aquarium as our favorite. With all the extras included, you automatically have an easy startup option and a large display. For those on a tight budget, the affordable MarineLand contour glass aquarium with many features included and extras included, making it a nice budget option.

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